How to become a front-end developer?

MacBook with a code on the screen

A no-prior experience guide on how to become a front-end developer

In recent years, more and more people are getting interested in becoming software developers. It comes with no surprise considering the market demand is still growing and new job opportunities open to people who want to change their current occupation and pursue different career paths. To become a front-end developer seems to gain more interest since almost all customer-facing applications nowadays use HTML, CSS and JavaScript (alongside with its frameworks such as React, Angular or Vue).

The basics

First things first — let’s start with the basics and understanding how computers actually work. Below, the Udemy’s course is of great help when it comes to hardware-software interactions’ comprehension.

JavaScript — programming language most widely used for web development

According to Northeastern University JavaScript is the second most popular programming language in 2020. Why is that and what stands behind its success? Basically, everyone is using it whenever they browse through the Internet or use mobile apps. It’s a cornerstone for the entire website and mobile applications development.


Even though that’s ‘only’ videos and interactive courses take your time and don’t rush into binge-watching all at once. The whole content takes some time to digest and settle. If you really dedicate yourself to the proposed path you should be able to finish it within approx. 2 weeks. However, it’s better to assume 3–4 weeks with going back to materials, reviewing them 1–2 times more, re-testing different approaches and comparing acquired knowledge with live examples. Once you feel comfortable with all these materials — go on and test your skills in action by building your first JavaScript Arcade game! 🙂


Since it’s really hard to memorize all methods, properties, iterators and operators at once, feel free to use some helpful and condensed cheat sheets on HTML, CSS and JavaScript such as: